Duchateau Terra Series Taiga Herringbone

Duchateau Hardwood
Collection: Terra Series
Color:  Taiga

SIZE 5/8” x 5” x Random Lengths (up to 24-1/16”)

SPECIES European White Oak

GRADE Character


FINISH Brushed Matte UV Lacquer

Taiga Herringbone – Inspired by the coniferous forest landscape of the far north. The color is a pale natural that is evocative of endless Scandinavian summer daylight. Coordinating wide plank available.

The Terra hardwood floor Collection finds its inspiration in unique natural ecosystems found across the globe. Terra means “Earth.” From a subarctic snow forest to an open dry grassland, to a high elevation meadow, or an aromatic coastal shrubland, these ecosystems capture our imagination and serve as a reference point in the looks we created. These colors reflect our aesthetic for wood floors that appear to be raw, natural, aged in place, created by the elements of sun, wind and time. 

Each of the Terra colors are offered in a 9.5”/240mm wide-plank format with lengths up to 86-5/8”, and a coordinating 5” wide by 24” herringbone pattern.  All are engineered European white oak floors, with an ultra-matte UV lacquer finish. 

Our collections reflect our love for the natural beauty of wood, each embodying in its design experiences that have inspired us. It is our celebration of the nuances that creates variation between planks- and we want you to love each one.

Every floor is unique as is every individual. To celebrate this, we allow you to decide if there’s a plank with too much character or not enough character. Your decision, your choice, your floor.

All measurements are nominal.
*Nominal wear layer thickness measured prior to finishing process. Finishing processes such as wire-brushing will affect the overall thickness.